Winter’s on its way…

Easter week end is now gone and Winter is definitely on its way in Johannesburg….

On a warmer note , time to think about items of clothing, granny squares and blankets to Knit and Crochet.

Families and friends gathered around for this holiday and what a nice hobby learning to Crochet and Knit would be, they all agreed .  “Why ?”  I enquired  “Well !”, they said  because it would give the children an occupation that would unleash their creativity as at compared to watching screens all day and receiving information overload…  Please do not misunderstand me here.  My motto is ” Everything in moderation”,  however I recently attended a conference by Education Experts who confirmed that the “talents” that would be required on a Curriculum Vitae in the not so far future would include some sort of ART or CRAFT.

It is a fact that even adolescents and adults benefit from Crochet and Knitting as it is a way of evading one’s daily chores and “problems” in concentrating on one’s own creation hence giving us a sense of purpose.

Even though I am not politically inclined, the recent events classified us all as “JUNK” and that I am certain We are NOT.

I believe that the South African individual is extremely gifted and creative and learning to Crochet and Knit can open doors to various options.  ” Learn and earn”, ” Crochet and Knit items for the home and family and save on your budget”, ” Be productive and creative and help warm the needy”  and the list is unending….




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