To all Mums out there, may you have an “Awesome Mother’s Day” coming ahead!

May the kitchen be busy with wonderful little souls cooking you breakfast and bringing it to you in bed (Sure your other half cleans up afterwards…).

For the ones who will be taken out for the day, may the Sun shine wherever you are so that you keep that beautiful smile of yours.  It is well deserved.

For the Mums whose “little ones” are grown-ups, may you receive that call to warm your Hearts.

May any gift, whether a kind word or action you receive bring you Joy, Love and Happiness to carry you through this year to thank you for being the most precious being in our lives.

I have added a new page to the Website with Crochet projects for beginners as well as for the more intrepid ones.  Some of them do not require so much yarn and time to accomplish.  The end result is quite impressive.

Check the “Funky Smiley Magnets”.

Learning Crochet and Knitting as a hobby for Children help them in various aspects as counting (stitches), fine motor movement, colour coding, feeling and recognising yarn and textures, reading and decoding patterns, planning, converse socially, assembling shapes and forms, and a sense of accomplishment when completing their own creation and so on…


I leave you with the above and wish you a lovely week ahead…


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Approachable, fun loving individual who loves Arts and Crafts. Lover of Music and People.

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